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Alan Wilder / Recoil sera présent à deux nouvelles dates en Octobre 2011 :

Recoil au festival ElektroStat Festival à Oslo le Samedi 08 Octobre 2011

Le festival Elektrostat est un festival consacré à la musique électronique.

Voici le détail de ce festival :
Ville : Oslo
Salle/Lieu : Månefisken
Addresse : Sagveien 23A-5, 0459 Oslo, Norway
Telephone : 22 35 60 22
Evenenement : ElektroStat
Billets : Billettservice
Réservation sur le site de billetservice

Mais ce n’est pas tout Recoil sera aussi présent au Sinner’s Festival en Belgique , le dimanche 30 Octobre 2011.

Plus de 10000 personnes sont attendus à ce festival consacré aussi aux musiques électroniques .

14 artistes sont déjà confirmés pour ce festival :

Patti Smith and Band
The Mission
Diamanda Galás
Karl Bartos
The Cult
The Psychedelic Furs
John Foxx
The Exploited

détail de ce festival :

Ville : Hasselt
Lieu : Ethias Arena
Addresse : 3500 Hasselt
Evènement : Sinner’s Day Festival 2011
Billets : http://www.sinnersday.com/content/tickets


Devinez quoi, deux nouvelles dates ont été ajoutées à la tournée SELECTED EVENTS en 2011 :

– Talinn, Estonie

– Paris , France

Voici quelques détails pour le concert en Estonie :

Date : 08.05.2011
Ville : Tallinn

Lieu : Rock Cafe
Addresse : Tartu mnt. 80d, 10112, Tallinn, Estonia
Tel / fax : +372-681 08 78
Venue link | Facebook event page | Tickets link

Date : 11.06.2011
Ville : Paris
Evènement : Summerjam (Save the Forest)
Lieu : Le Zénith
Addresse : Avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris
Venue link | Facebook event page | Tickets

Pour le concert à Paris au Zenith, il se déroule dans le cadre du Summer Jam Festival qui a pour but de récolter des fonds pour la reforestation de la planète et des zones sinistrées, au travers d’évènements tel que ce festival

En plus de Recoil voici la liste des artistes présents à ce festival :

Radio Bomb
Puss In Boots
Waiting For Words
Suzanne Combo
Hanin Elias
Brian Molko (Placebo) & Dimitri Tikovoi

Plus d’ informations sur le blog officiel français de Recoil


Due to reasons which were completely out of our control, the Cordoba event in Argentina was unable to go ahead yesterday. Rumour has it that the local promoters failed to get the proper permissions from local authourites to clear the event in advance, and the police turned up to shut it down before it even got underway. The engagement was due to be held as a mini festival including three separate tents in an outdoor location. Recoil was scheduled to headline in the main tent. Our crew arrived in Cordoba in plenty of time but got word that the show was experiencing difficulties at 10pm when we were still waiting to set up our projection system and conduct a soundcheck. 2000-3000 people were expected to attend and we don’t have information at this time about how refunds will be handled.

Says Alan: “I’m sure the fog will clear over the next days and we will get a full explanation of what happened. I just hope no fans will hold Recoil responsible in any way because we were in Cordoba and ready to play. I had already held a press conference in anticipation at the hotel in town, and we all sat in the lobby waiting to go to the venue when we heard the news that the show was in trouble. The crowds so far in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Rosario have been nothing short of incredible. It has been so uplifting to perform to such enthusiastic and appreciative people and Paul & I are naturally very disappointed to not be able to fulfil the Cordoba date. It is not altogether surprising that something like this might happen along the way – whatever people may think, South American countries do have a reputation for chaos and we have experienced plenty of that so far on this leg, including wasted appointments at embassies, travel delays, lost baggage, road strikes, corrupt authorities, equipment troubles and so on. I try to rise above it and am mainly philosophical because the warmth of the people makes up for the misgivings of the bureaucracy. I am just saddened that, having come so far and after 25 years, we got so close and yet so far away from playing to the fans that bought the tickets. If something can be rearranged, then it will be done. Our sincere apologies to the Cordobans.”

We know it’s a different country but there are still a few tickets left for the next event in São Paulo at Inferno Club on November 10th – we are really looking forward to visiting Brazil (assuming they let us in!).

Date : 10.11. 2010
City : São Paulo
Venue : Inferno Club
Address : Rua Augusta, 501
Phone : 55 +11 3120 4140
Tickets : Directly at the venue and on POS (CD stores) / Buy tickets

Venue Link | Facebook Event Page

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