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Joyeux Anniversaire - Happy birthday Alan Wilder - 1er Juin 2014 / June 1st 2014

EN : June 1st 2014 , Alan Wilder the great mind and artist behind Recoil he celebrates his 55th birthday today, he’s one great artist a kind person and surely an under rated artist who should deserve more for his input in music. I was and still am a great fan of his work during his Depeche Mode era and of course for Recoil, he’s one of my favourite artist and I still have a great admiration for him , so this is just a small way to thank him and celebrate his birthday.

FR : 1er Juin 2014 , nous fêtons les 55 ans de l’esprit créatif et du grand artiste qui est derrière RECOIL. c’est un artiste qui à mon avis n’est pas apprécié à sa juste valeur et qui n’est pas complètement reconnu pour son implication et son influence musicale. J’ai été et je reste un grand fan de son travail que ce soit durant sa période chez Depeche Mode et bien sûr chez Recoil, c’est juste à ma humble façon de lui rendre un hommage !


Due to demand, another event has been added to the final Euro leg of Recoil’s ‘Selected Events’ tour. Poland has been asking for another show for some time now following the great evening back in April in Lodz. This time, ‘A Strange Hour’ will be presented in Warsaw at Progresja on 29th November.

Architect will also be appearing on the bill.

Says Alan: “The presentation has been updated since the last time we played in Poland. We added some new films and mashed up Recoil/DM versions for the US and South American leg which have gone down really well. Daniel Myer has also been slipping in some glitched up, Myer-style DM and Nitzer Ebb beats into his live set. You never quite know what he is going to come up with each night!”

Details below:

Date : 29.11.2010

City: Warsaw

Venue : Progresja

Address : 01-476 Warszawa

ul Kaliskiego 15a

Phone: +48 22 683 75 42


Tickets : www.eventim.pl


Venue Link | Facebook Event Page

We have some VERY exciting news – Recoil’s show in Bogota, Colombia will now be a late performance, as part of an official Recoil/Massive Attack event.

This one-off happening will now take place at the changed venue Antiguo Siam and is designed to celebrate both bands being in the same city on the same evening. The event has been officially sanctioned by both artists and promises to be a great combination. Massive Attack will be playing earlier at Coliseo El Campin as part of their Heligoland tour, and that performance will be followed by Recoil’s later to allow everyone to come along and enjoy both bands on the same evening!

Recoil’s show will be everything that it should be but the event will also act as the after-party for Massive Attack – a perfect opportunity for fans of both to get together in celebration. We very much hope that Robert Del Naja, Grant Marshall and the rest of their touring band will be taking part.

As with the Gary Numan double bill in Chicago, rather than detract from each other’s crowd, we have worked together with the Massive Attack team to ensure that anyone wishing to attend both events will be able to do so.

Says Alan : “I’m even hoping to see their set myself before heading off to play after. Obviously Massive Attack’s audience is very similar to Recoil’s and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this unique possibility.”

All the details are below:

‘A Strange Hour’ will be presented in Bogota at Antiguo Siam on November 12th – and there will be significant ticket discounts for attendees of both shows.

Date : 10.11.2010
City: Bogota
Venue : Antiguo Siam

Venue : Antiguo Siam
Address : La Candelaria, Calle 9, 2-4 Este, Bogota

Tickets :  (links to come)

Facebook Event Page

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